'Iqra' (read) was the first word from our Creator, through Prophet Mohammad (SAW) to
humanity. Learning and reading are the only ways one can recognize his/her Creator and can
then perform his/her role in this world, in the light of His commandments. Isn't it important for us
to help each other achieve this goal?

Through this website, I will try to do my part. Here you will find tutorials on various topics. If you
find them useful, please make a promise to yourself to do your part to spread the message and
help others learn. JazakAllah!

My channel on Youtube is FT121212. This website will make it easy to find a topic/video.

I also want to thank all those who help me in this effort. JazakAllah!
Grade 10, Punjab Textbook Board, Pakistan
(222 Videos)
Grade 9, Punjab Textbook Board, Pakistan
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